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Badoo is the largest network in the world. It’s time to find out what you’re missing …


– Meet the person you want as you like

– The largest and most secure network in the world

– Trusted by over 400 million people worldwide

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Badoo – Beyond Meeting


Badoo is an application to meet new people. Whoever you are, call whomever you call,


Nowadays, when we look at the fact that we are not separating mobile communication devices from us, we need to provide all kinds of communication and sharing needs in social environments and not to satisfy them. Depending on this development of time, new social dating sites and sharing sites are emerging every day. Although their content is similar to each other, each software has a unique feature and is so popular.

In our country, most on Facebook, Instagram you in Turkey Although we hear the names of software like Twitter is very common if not used and is Badoo available to users over 100 million of the world there is a social networking and dating site. So what is the content on Badoo? How to use Badoo?

What is Badoo?
The Badoo app is located in more than 100 thousand users around the world and its purpose is to meet new people who find new friends and communicate by communicating with people who have already been recognized and make shares like photo video with the people I have just met. In Turkey, for the moment I can not see quite as much attention as Facebook and Instagram is one of the popular application.

How to Use the Badoo App?
To use the Badoo application first you need to create a registration here.
If you wish, you can use your e-mail address to provide direct access to Facebook.
After registering with the Badoo app, you need to create a profile page for yourself.
This profile page contains your photo and the personal information you want.
After completing your profile, you can first add your friends on Facebook and send new friends and send friendships to the people we do not know.
Badoo What is it for?
Any file shares and conversations can be made between you and us.
You can comment and admire the shares you have made and you have the possibility to comment and like to other users.
In fact Badoo previously in Turkey was also quite busy, but later used a dating site, together with the emergence of new dating site Free kick decreased interest in this site.
How to Download Badoo?
You can use the Badoo application from your computer or smartphone. The process is very simple. If you are going to use it on your computer, you can easily download the Badoo mobile app from the download sites and start using it. however, if you want to use it on your smartphones, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store for Android phones and from the App Store platform for iPhone.

How to Use Badoo App on iPhone Phones
First you need to download the app on the App Store platform. Then you need to enter the main page of this application.
You need to log in.
Once you have done your login, you can edit your profile and add your friends according to the steps you take. Once you’ve done these things, you can use the Badoo iPhone app.

Updated: 1 Aralık 2018 — 01:26

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